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Learn4Good Larnaca is delighted to announce new regular Greek language courses in Cyprus for September 2018!
Learn4Good Larnaca has been a pioneer in organising Greek language courses in Cyprus for non native-speakers adults since 2006 while some years ago incorporated online education with an aim to keep learning process going on, regardless necessary travelling and other obligations in adult's life.
Although our regular courses are announced every seven weeks to allow maximum participation, we also offer private tuition so as to cover special lifestyles and particular needs. We design all of our courses taking into consideration the modern pedagogical methodologies, the recent bibliography on the topic and of course the experience of our tutors. Recently, Learn4Good Larnaca has been selected by the WORLD QUALITY COMMITMENT to receive an award on Gold Category which recognizes the quality of our organisation and programs.
People participating in any of our courses for general communication purposes should expect to exercise all four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, listening with a special emphasis on the communicative skills. The following language levels are available for September 2018 and are designed according to the Common European Framework of Languages:
* Absolute Beginners ( Level A1) - morning and evening classes
* Advanced Beginners (Level A2) – morning and evening classes
* Lower Intermediate (Level B1) - morning and evening classes
* Advanced Intermediate (Level B2) - afternoon classes
* Advanced (Level C1 and C2) * organised upon request
All the above courses will begin on the 17th September 2018. Maximum number of participants per course: 6. Please note that due to the limited places, a strict order of priority by application date will be followed.
For full information please visit: www.greekinlarnaca.com.cy or call us at 24424510, 99644067, 99372052, 99377448

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